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We aim to provide our networks with analysis and insights from around the globe about business, legal, and geo-political matters. Our faculty of expert academics and researchers are constantly working through innovative and dynamic projects that inform and advanced the world of work and shape our future economies, societies and industry.

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Researchers offer a new state of the art methodology in statistically estimating cost functions of large US commercial banks

New research about the efficiency of large US commercial banks suggests – contrary to popular belief – they are significantly more efficient and have greater productivity than it was suggested by previous studies.


Researchers offer a new state of the art methodology in statistically estimating cost functions of large US commercial banks casting doubt on highly popular views.

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Enabling Social Action: Join the Network and Access Resources Free

Public sector officers, voluntary sector and community leaders are invited to join the enabling social action network by registering for free on our online ecosystem. This network represents over 1,100 commissioners and their third sector partners that are enabling social action and that the programme has brought together through a series of national, regional workshops and in depth working.

Register and join the ESA Online network to access resources to support social action and to connect into the online community nationwide, find out initiatives in your area and what social action is happening across service areas

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Innovation Insight: Supply Chain Risk Management Tool

The experts at the University of Hull Logistics Institute in the Business School have developed for free a Risk model for supply chains affected by COVID-19. This free tool is available for all of our business networks to identify risks and challenges as part of their supply chain.

The tool itself showcases how technology and digitalisation of data can enhance businesses ability to adapt and continuity plan for unpredictable scenarios.

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Interactive insights through expert talks, workshops, articles and webinars

Every four months we host what we call our “Future Thinking Series” to focus on topics & themes that are affecting business and the global economies into the future. his knowledge exchange series is an open-access platform to share valuable insights with professionals, businesses and organisatios to inform on future trends and new modes of thinking. We share case studies, advice and impact from our active researchers, practical insights from our academic expets and present expert speakers from industry to showcase innovative ideas focused around particular themes.




Virtual Business Breakfast: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

In our recent bi-monthly Breakfast Briefing, we explore the impact the past nine months have had on SMEs in the region. Seeing how they have reshaped their business through unprecedented change to recovery and success.

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Diversity & Inclusion - Where to Start?

Dr Haseeb Shabbir welcomes Hannah Awonuga, Vice President – Global Diversity and Inclusion, Barclays Bank and Founder of Rarity London career services for an informative session looking at diversity and  inclusion from a global perspective.

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