CSS Mini Symposium Program

Online, 3 June

Symposium Agenda


BST (GMT/UTC+1) 08.45 – 08.50     Welcome by Prof. Gerald Midgley and Dr. Amanda Gregory, Co-Directors of the Centre for Systems Studies 08.50 – 09.00     Introduction by Orsan Senalp

09.00 – 10.00     Session 1

Facilitated by Peter Dudley

Paul Mason – A Mere Three Hundred Years: Bogdanov as a Guide to Transitionomics

Mike C. Jackson – Alexander Bogdanov, Stafford Beer, and Reflections on a Possible Post-Capitalist Society


10.00 – 11.30     Session 2      

Facilitated by Fabian Tompsett

Maria Chehonadskih – Environmentalism and Marxism in Alexander Bogdanov’s Theory

Giulia Rispoli – Bogdanov’s Theory of Organization: Restoring the Metabolic Rift in the Technosphere

John Biggart – Bogdanov and the “End of History”


11.30 – 13.00     Session 3

Facilitated by Orsan Senalp

Maja Soboleva – Bogdanov on Proletarian Culture and Proletarian Art

Noemi Ghetti – Between Russia and Italy, from Bogdanov to Gramsci, the Cultural Pathway Towards Revolution

Fabian Tompsett – Tektology in the Digital Age: from the Workers’ Encyclopedia, to Wikipedia: “the free encyclopedia anyone can edit”


13.00 – 14.00     Lunch Break

14.00 – 15.00    Conversation on Philosophy of Science / Scientific Philosophy

Facilitated by Mike C. Jackson.

McKenzie Wark and Carlo Rovelli – Bogdanov, Lenin, and Scientific Philosophy

15.00 -16.30      Session 4 

Facilitated by Giulia Rispoli

James White – Looking Backwards: Bogdanov’s Philosophical Precursors

Daniela Steila – Bogdanov’s Idea of Science: Marx, Mach and Beyond

Evgeni Pavlov – Bogdanov’s Tektology and Future (Socialist) Science


16.30 – 18.00     Session 5

Facilitated by Gerald Midgley 

Peter Dudley – Podbor, Autopoiesis and Ultrastability

Svetlana Shchepetova – Sustainable Development of Socio-Economic Systems in the Light of Bogdanov’s Tektology

Viatcheslav Maratcha – “Organisational Point of View” as the Methodological Principle of Bogdanov’s Tektology and Its Development in the Moscow Methodological Circle

Orsan Senalp – From the Unity of Science to the Unity of the Systems Paradigm: Foundational Importance and Contemporary Relevance of Alexander Bogdanov

Q & A

18.00 – 18.30     Open-floor debate: Prospects and future directions for research

18.30                   Last remarks and closing of the day




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