Annual Mike Jackson Lecture

5 April 2022

The Fifth Discipline: Making the Future a Friendly Place for Humankind

The Centre for Systems Studies is delighted to announce the 2022 Annual Mike Jackson Lecture on Systems Thinking, which will be delivered by Dr Peter Senge, the internationally acclaimed thought leader, named by the Financial Times as one of The World’s Top Management Gurus.

We live in a world of increasingly complex and intractable problems. For over two hundred years, we have been harvesting social and natural capital to produce financial capital. This is not sustainable. Climate change, the destruction of ecosystems, and the disproportionate effects that growing scarcities of natural resources are having on the poor of the world, all call for a shift in how we perceive human progress. In this Lecture, Peter Senge takes us through the trajectory of his thinking, from the sensational success of his best-selling book, The Fifth Discipline, to his current position on what we need to do, individually and collectively, to make the future viable for our children and the generations to follow.

The Annual Mike Jackson lecture has been made possible by the support of University of Hull honorary graduate, Dr Andrew Chen, and is in recognition of the work of Professor Mike Jackson, former Dean of Hull University Business School, co-founder of the Centre for Systems Studies, past-President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, and world-renowned academic in the field of systems thinking.

Dr Peter Senge

Dr. Peter Senge is a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and is the founding chair of the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL), a global community of corporations, researchers, and consultants dedicated to the “interdependent development of people and their institutions.” He was named as one of the world’s top management gurus by the Financial Times and BusinessWeek. His 1990 book, The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization sold over a million copies worldwide, and was acclaimed by the Harvard Business Review in 1997 as one of the seminal management books of the past 75 years.

Dr Senge has lectured extensively throughout the world, translating the abstract ideas of systems theory into tools for the better understanding of economic and organizational change. Leading business periodicals including BusinessWeek, Fortune, Fast Company, and Sloan Management Review, have featured his work with colleagues at MIT and SoL. His areas of special interest focus on decentralizing the role of leadership in organizations to enhance the capacity of all people to work productively toward common goals. His work articulates a cornerstone position of human values in the workplace; namely, that vision, purpose, reflectiveness, and systems thinking are essential if organizations are to realize their potential.

About the lecture

Hybrid format

This year’s annual Mike Jackson Lecture will be hosted as a hybrid event. This means there will be a live lecture with ticketed seats in person AND an online live screening of the lecture. 

The primary registration route for all wanting to attend the event will be online through the use of GoToWebinar. This will register you for the event and provide you with reminders.

Those attending online will be able to experience the lecture virtually.

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