PRME Doctoral Colloquium 2022

PRME Regional Chapter UK and Ireland, Doctoral Colloquium

The UK & Ireland Chapter of PRME is delighted to announce our 2022 Doctoral Colloquium, aiming to support doctoral researchers working to inform the knowledge base on the impact of the six principles of PRME and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Keynote: Carole Parkes is Professor Emeritus of Responsible Management and Leadership at the University of Winchester.

We invite contributions from doctoral students involved in all areas of research around responsible management and fulfilment of the sustainable development goals. The UK & I PRME DC event will be a hybrid event on the University of Hull campus. Doctoral students not able to travel in person will be able to join the keynote and panel discussion remotely; the roundtable participation is only available for those attending on campus. The posters presented during the roundtable discussion will be integrated into the main conference.  A key part of the Doctoral Colloquium is the opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow students and gain community support from academics working in similar scholarly areas and we look forward to welcoming you to Hull.

Organising Panel

Doctoral Colloquium Chair: Dr Rachel Welton, please direct any questions to  

Fellow colloquium conveners: Dr Sheila Killian, Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, Dr Fatima Annan-Diab, Dr Alex Hope, Dr Anica Zeyen.

General Information

We encourage submissions to the PRME UK & Ireland 2022 Doctoral Colloquium. The DC is a single-day event (invitation-only, following successful submission of an abstract). It takes place on Monday 27th June, the day before the two- day PRME Chapter UK and Ireland Conference, hosted by the University of Hull, on Tuesday 28th & 29th June 2022. There will be opportunities to network and attend an informal dinner on the Monday evening with delegates from the doctoral colloquium and main conference. 

For those attending in person the Doctoral Colloquium provides students the opportunity to present their research work and receive feedback from experienced researchers in a supportive atmosphere. Students can expect helpful feedback and fresh perspectives on their research topics and possible career paths and will have the opportunity to interact closely with expert researchers in their field. The colloquium will support community-building by connecting early-career and established researchers in the main conference. All successful candidates will produce an A1 Poster for integration in the main conference.

This Call is open to all Ph.D & doctorial students — regardless of whether they are presenting research work at the main UK & I PRME conference or not. We welcome all applications from students at all stages of their doctorate, those who are in the beginning of the process of formulating their proposals, and those at a later stage.

Doctoral Colloquium Programme


Monday 27th June – Doctoral Colloquium


12:00 – 13.30

An optional online workshop facilitated by Namrata Arora. Namrata is a professional consultant based in India, that developed a methodology called “Circle Work” focused on participant engagement, sharing and deep listening, to help people progress and bring about change through a deeper understanding of their goals and change efforts. We recommend that you attend to support a collective mindset for the DC.


Please note: we will organise a room for those participating on campus and a zoom link will be sent to those joining remotely.  



Introduction to event – Dr. Rachel Welton


Keynote: Prof. Carole Parkes, Responsible Management Education, and the SDGs: How far have we come? Where are we now? and where do we need to go? 



Short break



Face to Face Roundtables around key research areas

Conference conveners: Prof.  Sheila Killian, Prof. Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, Prof. Fatima Annan-Dia, Dr Alex Hope, 


DC participants present their A1 posters  to their roundtable introducing  their research. Followed by detailed discussion. 



Feedback plenary of Roundtable

One student represents each round table and summaries back to the main group.



Tea time

An opportunity for participants to continue their discussions in an informal way




Panel session:  Top tips for doctoral students: how to develop your publication journey

Panel members: Prof. Sheila Killian, Dr Alex Hope, Prof. Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas

Q & A – please come with questions around your publication strategy



Final words and key guidance – Dr. Rachel Welton



Informal buffet for delegates joining social dinners



Hull City Old Town and Informal dinners in town. (A bus will be provided)

On-Campus and Hull Old Town/Marina


The PRME UK & Ireland Doctoral Colloquium is free to all students working within a UK & Ireland PRME Higher Education institution. You will need to register on the main conference website, once you have had your abstract accepted

Main Conference Webpage

Main PRME Conference Page

Head back to the main conference page for further details on the programme content and speakers

Main Conference Webpage

Abstract Requirements

An abstract of 500 words, plus key references, describing your doctoral research, including the problem being addressed (alignment to SDGs and PRME principles), methodology and plan of research, and a description of your progress to date. The writing should be in a proposal format in order to facilitate feedback from the reviewers. The abstract structure should follow the format used by most universities for a thesis proposal: an Introduction, a Related Work, Preliminary Methods, Preliminary Results, Proposed Work, Discussion, Conclusion and key questions that you would like to explore at the DC event (depending on the stage of their research, applicants will amplify the appropriate section/s). The abstract should have a single author – namely, the student submitting the entry. Please distinguish clearly between work that has been accomplished and what remains to be completed. Student submissions will be peer-reviewed and allocated to relevant workshop subgroups when the DC Chairs have all submissions.

If you have any questions, contact the Chair: Dr Rachel Welton via: