Give your organisation a significant competitive advantage by working with the Faculty of Business Law and Politics to understand and employ cutting-edge ideas through research and consultancy projects in one of our key areas of expertise, moving your organisation towards long-term growth and success.

In an increasingly competitive business environment, it pays to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in business thought and practice and, crucially, have the capacity to apply these in the workplace. In order to give your organisation a significant advantage, we can help you to understand and employ cutting-edge ideas, drawn from across the globe, and through this achieve long-term growth and success.


We equip managers and business professionals to succeed in a fast-changing and interconnected world. We maximise the connections between excellent research, learning and teaching across disciplines. And we emphasise our corporate engagement by working with partners who share our aspirations and values.


We work with a wide range of organisations to support innovation and growth, to better support the productivity of business and create an environment for cutting edge knowledge exchange.
– Barclays Bank
– Reckitt Benckiser
– Siemens Gamesa
– BAE Security Systems

Our Services

Through our cross-disciplinary institutes, the University Hull Business School offers a range of assessment and audit services tailored to your business or project.

Our Services
  • Organisational Transformation & Change

    We’re focused on enabling transformations through organisation and people solutions, powered by analytics and insight to drive sustainable change. Our services include organisation design, talent, leadership, change management, learning and culture change. We use innovative tools that we adapt to meet the needs of every client’s unique situation.

    Translate strategic goals into operating models that enable organisations to operationalise their strategy

    Identify, assess and redefine the organisational capabilities needed to deliver and sustain competitive advantage

    Develop the detailed design of organisation structures, roles, responsibilities, ways of working and job descriptions

    Transition organisations from one design to another, supporting implementation and the realisation of value and benefits from organisation redesign

  • Business Sustainability Optimisation

    Optimising operations can unlock simultaneous environmental and financial benefits and Businesses are at a defining moment to act on sustainability. Those that act decisively have the opportunity to create resilience and sustainable competitive advantage for their business models for the long term.

    These may involve how to tackle climate change, transition to a circular economy, boost economic development, create food systems and security, embrace large-scale renewables and clean technology, accelerate sustainable finance and investing, or build sustainable supply chains.

    Diagnosis to redefine the problem and reevaluate value creation in light of Sustainability Business Models

    Support organisations to reimagine strategy to improve innovation & resiliance in a sustainable framework 

    Identify and reshape internal organisational ecosystems that create improvement and impact; supply chains, finance, procurement, carbon footprint etc. 



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Our Areas of Expertise

Management & Leadership

Transforming the leadership capabilities within your organisation is about more than equipping managers with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ toolkit. We  can help your management team and future leaders develop an approach to leadership which is right for them and relevant to the workplace. By taking a long-term, strategic view of management within your organisation, you can look towards achieving continuity in management rather than disruption when change occurs.

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Human Resource Management and Organisational Development

By creating sound internal structures and procedures, we can help your organisation face any external challenges that may arise from the ever-changing business environment. We will work with you to develop approaches to team building, effective and ethical negotiation, mediation and the keys to motivation, in order to create a positive and more productive working environment.

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Logistics & Supply Chain

In recent years, logistics and supply chain management have risen on the corporate agenda and are now recognised as crucial in allowing companies to compete on the global stage. With our state-of-the art resources, we can help your organisation to streamline and enhance your supply chain to deliver improved efficiency, productivity and cost benefits. Our consultancy and research services have been enhanced following the establishment of a Logistics Institute at the school.

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Meeting the challenge of identifying, understanding, anticipating and responding to customer needs can be a major driver of success, and with the push to globalisation, and digitalisation.  In addition to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of your marketing material, we can help you to get the best value from your activities through the development of cohesive marketing strategies in digital and analytics.

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Systems Thinking

‘Systems thinking’ is an approach which considers the whole as more than a sum of its parts, and encourages the consideration of the organisation in its entirety rather than tackling difficult areas in isolation. This approach allows you to get the root of problems and discover where seemingly small issues stem from organisation-wide weaknesses. Used proactively a systems approach will enhance and improve every area of your operation, from strategy development to knowledge management.

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Finance & Economics

In increasingly competitive environments, good financial management and control will help you to survive. We work with managers to give them the capacity to assess financial standing of your company, putting crucial data at their fingertips when forward planning. To optimise financial operations, we can introduce theories of risk and the psychology of decision making. Our economic experts can provide an understanding of economic policy and regulation, international capital markets and corporate governance, making a difference to your bottom line.

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